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San Rafael Parochial School

177 Taliba St., San Rafael Village Balut, Tondo, Manila 1013

San Rafael Parochial School
San Rafael Parochial School

Rev. Fr. Nolan A. Que, Ph. D.


San Rafael Parochial School

Rev. Fr. Nicanor A. Celiano, Jr.

Assistant Director


San Rafael Parochial School (SRPS) was erected on a 3,143-square meter lot owned by the Archdiocese of Manila at San Rafael Village in Balut, Tondo, Manila. On July 14, 1969, the school opened its doors to ninety-nine (99) kindergarten and thirty-five (35) grade one pupils. The first administrators of the school were Msgr. Laureano Caoli as Director, Rev. Fr. Salvador Jose as Principal and Mrs. Josefa Dionisio as Treasurer.

SRPS was granted government recognition by the Department of Education on July 6, 1970. In school year 1975 – 1976, graduated its first batch of grade six pupils, under the leadership of Mrs. Josefa Dionisio as the principal.

Until 1995, the school was offering complete elementary program under the leadership of the following directors: Rev. Fr. Ernesto Tobillo ( 1987 – 1989), Rev. Msgr. Jose Flores ( 1989 – 1991) and Rev. Fr. Gerardo Mascarina ( 1991 – 1993), and principals: Mrs. Mercedita Canta (1987 – 1991), Mrs. Rosita Rodriguez ( 1993 – 1995).

When Rev. Fr. Enrique Santos became the director, he started offering secondary education by adding two floors to the existing building to accommodate more students. In school year 1995 – 1996, SRPS opened itself to the pioneering batch of high school with Sr. Marcela dela Cruz as the principal.

On February 1, 2002, Rev. Fr. Nestor Gungon assumed office as the school director followed by Rev. Fr.Elpidio (Boy) Biliran, Jr. who served the school from June 2002 to August 2014. He assumed principalship of the school until 2012. Mrs. Leonida Pastrana succeeded him as principal from 2012 to 2019.

In 2014-2015, Rev. Fr. Nolan Que, Ph.D. and Rev. Fr. Nicanor Celiano, Jr. were appointed by the Archbishop of Manila as director and assistant director, respectively.

In 2016-2017, the school applied for government permit to open Senior High School program. In 2019, Mrs. Melita Magsombol was appointed principal of SRPS.

San Rafael Parochial School will continue to realize it vision and mission with God’s intervention to produce responsive and functional Catholic graduates.

A people called by the Father in Jesus Christ to become community of persons with fullness of life witnessing to the Kingdom of God by living the Paschal Mystery in the power of the Holy Spirit with Mary as Companion

A community of truthful, just, and loving persons inspired by St. Rafael the Archangel to live Christ – centered life at the service of others of the country and of humanity.

As a Catholic Parochial School, the members of San Roque Parochial School are untiringly committed to be role models in nurturing a growing community of just, loving persons, sustaining a climate of holistic excellence in the service of God and protecting the environment and all of God’s creation at all times.


Humility is a value that builds solidarity. It is a value that recognizes and accepts each one’s capability; acknowledging that each one needs one another despite one’s greatness and lack and remaining meek in the midst of success. Humility brings peace, for it builds better relationships that form men and women of character and competence who promote justice and bring transformation in the society.

Love is a value that moves one to serve others especially the poor. It compels one to work in mission in the example of Jesus Christ – servant leadership, perform work for a higher cause through self-discipline, and fulfill His command to “Go and make disciples of all nations.” The essence of loving is giving it away especially to those who are in need. Love creates a deep link between oneself, others and God.

Stewardship is a value that acknowledges God as the Creator and human beings as the co-creators. The realization of being a steward amplifies and deepens one’s respect to God as the source and summit of everything that is good. Recognizing that the wealth of the earth belongs to all brings one to promote justice through its equal distribution and proper use.

Truth is a value that leads to excellence. The hunger for truth brings one to excel. A person who has really searched for the truth has nothing to aim but to serve his/her fellow human beings. The continuous pursuit of the truth develops a sense of gratefulness to, and brings one to a realization of the magnificence of the Source of all truths who is God.