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Guadalupe Catholic School

Orense, Makati City

Guadalupe Catholic School
Guadalupe Catholic School

Rev. Fr. Maxell Lowell C. Aranilla, Ph. D.


Guadalupe Catholic School

Rev. Fr. Lorenz Moises J. Festin, Ph.D.

Assistant Director


Guadalupe Catholic School was established through the initiative of Msgr. Severino G. Anatalio, the parish priest of Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, located at 1923 Orense Street, Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati City. It started informally by offering a pre-school education in the year 1982 run by the parish. Since there were very few schools that offer secondary education and realizing the relevant need for a parochial school, Msgr. Anatalio, in consultation with the other school directors and friends in MAPSA, studied the feasibility of establishing a high school. In July 1983, a project proposal was submitted by Msgr. Anatalio to Most Rev. Leonardo Legaspi, DD who was then the chairman of MAPSA. Bishop Legaspi presented the proposal to the Archbishop of Manila, His eminence Jaime Cardinal Sin, DD, who finally granted the approval of the operation of Guadalupe Catholic School.

GCS saw its beginning in school year 1984-1985 when it opened its doors to freshmen students in high school level. Also, in the same school year, the parish pre-school which started in 1982 became a component of Guadalupe Catholic School. GCS produced its first batch in March graduated in the high school level in 1988. For twenty years, GCS offered pre-school and high school education.

However, during the celebration of the 20th Founding Anniversary of the school in 2004-2005, it started accepting Grade 1 pupils. In March 2010, it had its first batch of grade school graduates.

The following school directors: Msgr. Severino G. Anatalio, Msgr. Vicente R. Dacuycuy, Jr., Msgr. Albert G. Salonga, Jr., Msgr. Daniel B. Sta. Maria, Msgr. Salvador R. Jose, Msgr. Mario D. Enriquez, and Fr. Maxell Lowell C. Aranilla and school principals: Ms. Zenaida C. Cabrera, Ms. Ma. Remedios M. Angcay, Mrs. Antonita F. Dechavez, Fr. Isidro T. Marinay, Fr. Alfonso Valeza, Mrs. Leonora T. Brazil, Fr. Maxell Lowell C. Aranilla, Dr. Noel F. Noble, Mrs. Leonor S. Tuliao, and Mrs. Dina Abariso, MAT have contributed to the success of the school for the past thirty three years.

School Philosophy
Guadalupe Catholic School is an expression of the mission entrusted by Christ to the Church He founded. Through education, the school seeks to prepare the GCS community to proclaim the Good News and to translate this proclamation into action.

Vision of RCAM ES
(Roman Catholic Archbishop of Manila Educational System)
A people called by the Father in Jesus Christ to become a community of persons with fullness of life witnessing the Kingdom of God by living the Paschal Mystery in the power of the Holy Spirit with Mary as companion.

Identity of RCAM ES
RCAM-ES is a communion of Christ-centered schools unified by the vision to evangelize through Catholic Education.

Identity of GCS
Guadalupe Catholic School, a pro-life parish educational institution in Makati, envisions itself as a center for academic excellence and character formation in the service of social transformation in a globally responsive society.

Mission Statement of the School
With religion as the core of curriculum, we endeavor to:
o Become witnesses of gospel values
o Discover the gifts and abilities of the pupils/students and provide opportunities to develop them to the fullest
o Commit ourselves for the Church and the global society
o Create an environment which supports every member of the community
o Strengthen the partnership between the school and the parish, and between the school and the community
o Actively respond to the call of the Church to become Maka- Diyos, Maka-Tao, Maka-Buhay, Maka-bayan at Maka-Kalikasan.

Core Values
Guadalupe Catholic School is rooted in the teachings of Christ, with Our Lady of Guadalupe as our inspiration; thus, we promote the following core values:
Solidarity - the demand of fraternity, that we treat each other as brothers and sisters.
Stewardship - to be responsible in maintaining and using wisely the gifts that God has bestowed.
Excellence - to do our best in everything we do with the help of God
Love and Service for the Poor - to care in a special way for those who are most in need through works of mercy

Educational Objectives of the School
The following are the general objectives of the school:
a. To inculcate Catholic Christian and moral values among pupils/students guided by an abiding faith in God.
b. To develop enlightened, patriotic, productive and upright citizens in a democratic society
c. To prepare pupils/students to contribute to the economic development of the country and conservation of its resources.
d. To maintain family solidarity, to improve community life, to perpetuate all that is desirable in our national heritage, and to serve the cause of world peace.
e. To promote the sciences, arts and letters for the enrichment of life and the recognition of the human person.

Objectives of Early Childhood Education (ECE)
The following are the objectives of ECE education:
a. To form pupils with strong spiritual and moral values with Jesus Christ as the model and Our Lady of Guadalupe and San Juan Diego as inspirations.
b. To employ learning experiences that will allow the pupils to think and do things independently within the limits of his/her maturity.
c. To provide opportunities that will inspire the pupils to practice desirable social behavior in his/her relations with other children as well as with adults.
d. To use experiential and developmental approaches which will help them manifest readiness in all learning areas.
e. To provide solid foundation of knowledge, skills and attitude that will prepare them for grade school education.

Objectives of Grade School Education
The following are the objectives of grade school education:
a. To form pupils with strong spiritual and moral values with Jesus Christ as the model and Our Lady of Guadalupe and San Juan Diego as inspirations.
b. To continue the holistic development started in the ECE where their capabilities and skills are enhanced and moral values are strengthened.
c. To offer relevant activities suited to the needs and abilities of the pupils in order to develop their creativity, nurture their God-given talents and abilities and engage them in honest and gainful work.
d. To provide learning experiences that will increase the pupils’ awareness and responsiveness to the changes in society to become productive and involved citizens.
e. To train the pupils to become independent learners through the use of the latest technology
f. To foster among pupils love for one’s country through programs and activities by which they will be able to appreciate the beauty and the richness of our culture.
g. To prepare the pupils for high school education.

Objectives of Junior High School Education
The following are the objectives of high school education:
a. To form students with strong spiritual and moral values with Jesus Christ as the model and Our Lady of Guadalupe and San Juan Diego as inspirations
b. To use experiential approach that will allow students to gain knowledge, skills and attitudes to meet the demands of global and responsive society
c. To continue to train the students to become independent learners through the use of the latest technology
d. To foster among students an appreciation of the Filipino heritage and spirit of nationalism by active involvement in the national issues affecting the country
e. To develop and enhance the different aptitudes and interests of the students so as to equip them with skills for productive endeavors and thus prepare them for work in the real world or further formal studies in higher education

The school colors
The official colors of the school are pink and blue, representing the colors of the imprint of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the patroness of the school.